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A lucky chilli

A lucky chilli

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I’m a lucky Chilli.

After a life in the greenhouse, sat alongside my fellow flora and accompanying flying fauna, the time has come for my unfortunate end. The cold Cornish winter has finished me off and it’s time to relinquish my last gifts for the dinner table after an autumn already filled with spice.

After being planted from seed in February 2021, I’d shot up to the mammoth size of two malted milk biscuits come May. For some reason, these tasty treats seem to be the plant measure of choice in these ‘ere parts. My carers sought advice from the Biking Gardener about putting me outside, but I was too small for even the sunniest spot in springtime. I never did make the journey to the patio.

My fruits turned out to be spicy. Very spicy indeed. Despite their miniature size, it only takes three or four to pack a punch in a couple platefuls of food.

The last of my offerings have now been cropped and prepped for drying. They’ll make a lovely chilli powder. I’ll make lovely compost. My seeds will start the cycle again for next year.

Chilli Pepper Plant

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