Tony Edwards

Logos in the home

- 1 min

Have you ever noticed how many logos are in your home? They’re everywhere from the pantry to the bathroom and are ubiquitous in our modern society.

I understand why they’re everywhere. We are complex beings moving through an infinitely complex universe and our brain is always on the lookout for shortcuts. When you see a logo, past experiences, marketing efforts and even emotions are subconsciously considered without even realising it. If these things are positive, a tiny reinforcement of your purchasing decision occurs making future purchases all the more likely. To many, this is the inevitable consequence of good branding.

Logos offer a way to package information in a quick to identify way. Given that we are visual animals, it’s easy to see why they’re so prevalent. We recognise and process imagery orders of magnitude quicker than text alone. Companies use this marvel of mental magnificence to help stimulate relatively consistent demand over time.

With this is mind, I have a question. Do the logos in your home benefit you or the company behind each of the icons?

Try this challenge. Go to your bathroom and turn all of the bottles around so you can see as little branding as possible.

How does it change the feel of the room?

If you leave it this way for a few days and I’d bet you’ll find you prefer it. Go on. What have you got to loose?

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