Tony Edwards
Found content

Found content

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I popped my head into Tumblr recently and found a bunch of posts I’d written in the past.

They were writen for a University module I took “back in the day” where the objective was to build a browser based game using the Phaser framework. I created a platform game called Smoothie Hunter, where the player explored the undiscovered jungle in search of new smoothie ingredients.

Being honest, the game was functionally polished rather than being fun to play, but it did tick a whole load of boxes and I received a solid grade. The experience didn’t light my fire for games development, but going through the process of designing and building a game did make me a better software engineer.

One day I’m likely to move the posts to this site for posterity. For now, I’m content with simply rediscovering some lost writing and having a pleasant trip down memory lane.

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