Tony Edwards
Listen to the crickets

Listen to the crickets

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At this time of year, on our regular walk Dexter and I often encounter crickets around the garden. They’re here because we stopped mowing great swathes of our lawns to allow the grass to live its full life cycle. As a result, a wider variety of nature has been appearing across the garden.

Crickets are my favourite from this patch.

They provide a nice sounding backdrop when pottering around the property, particularly in the evenings.

Their hopping creates a continual plaything to entertain Dexter, allowing me get some work or research done.

They have a really interesting lifecycle, where by they’re born as perfect miniature crickets that just get bigger over time.

They are a source of food for birds in desperate moments.

They’re cute to watch chat amongst themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the other bugs and creepy crawlies are wonderful as well. There’s just something about the super active and sporadic cricket that I like.

Dexter lying in the shade on the grass

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