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Lots of butterflies with us today

Lots of butterflies with us today

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Accompanying us in the garden today was a whole host of butter flies of different kinds. They were the perfect companion to the clearing out of the meditation hut, as items were found new homes across the property.

Some were enjoying the nectar and pollens.

Butterfly on a flower

Some were resting on the veg.

Butterfly on the veg

Some were on the sun lounger.

Butterfly on a sun lounger

Whilst bravest were risking it on the path.

Butterfly on the path

Many were too quick to get a photograph of, but slow enough to enable us to use our Butterflies of Cornwall book.

Butterfly of Cornwall book

It’s got everything you’d want to know about the most common species found on the peninsula.

Butterfly of Cornwall book

My favourite bit is the sightings distribution chart.

Butterfly of Cornwall sightings distribution

It was also nice to start to see signs of life on the giant Kale in the platinum patio. This was an area created during the 2022 heatwave to give us a shady spot. We propped up the giant veg to better let the air, light and parent butterflies get in. . . whilst keeping the slugs at bay.

Giant Kale

As a side benefit, we can actually get into the area again.

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