Tony Edwards

Trying new things

- 1 min

Last night I tried some fish tacos. The tacos were pleasant, but the restaurant was charmingly cold for some unknown reason.

Historically, fish has never been a go to dish when eating out.

I’ve never really been a fan of any variety that wasn’t deep fried and accompanied with chips and mushy peas. Naturally, a sprinkling of salt and lashings of vinegar are always in order.

But these fancy fish tacos? Not on your nelly!

If you never try new things, you’ll never like new things. The same is true of the old things. Our tastes change over time whilst the food itself tastes different over time. It’s objectively worth giving things you don’t typically like a try, especially when an expert is in charge of the preparation.

The first few mouthfuls were oddly fishy. But come the time to down utensils and wipe the corners of my mouth, the last few morsels grew into an oddly delightful flavour. I’m looking forward to the next nibble of fish that lands in front of me.

Oh. Speaking of old things. It was lovely to celebrate the last of the outlaws birthday 🥂

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