Tony Edwards
The days I love the most

The days I love the most

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Saw dark turn into light.

Fed a menagerie of animals.

Ate a wholesome breakfast.

Tinkered with the home server.

Made my partner a coffee in bed.

Wrote a blog post.

Hung out the washing.

Stroked the free range cat.

Went for a walk.

Donated to a worthy charity.

Dipped our toes in the ocean.

Footprints in the sand

Had a sausage roll.

Visited a local tourist attraction.

Fishes at the tourist attraction

Sat and ate some ice cream.

Engraving on the bench

Lay in the sun.

Collected some seeds.

Seed collection

Took some free range cuttings.

Stopped to watch the barn swallows.

Chatted in the local shop.

Fed all the animals again.

Tinkered with the home server some more.

Teamed up on the housework.

Havested tasty food from the garden.

Cooked a healthy meal.

Shared an interesting podcast I’d found.

Discovered a new book to devour.

Outlined a blog post.

Wrote a todo list for tomorrow.

Fell asleep on each other after hanging out with my best friend for the whole day, waking up dazed and confused in the early hours of tomorrow.

These are the days I love the most.

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