Tony Edwards

Permissive Goals

- 1 min

Habits that encourage you to fail are the best kind.

Each day, anywhere between 20 and 40 items are ticked of off a todo list. The majority are related to growth, wellbeing or household tasks. Nothing work related on this list. They’re the positive habits built up over lockdown. In part to keep me sane. In part to adopt a new way of using a smartphone without falling into the pit of pointless scrolling.

Examples include:

Each day, I try to make three healthy food choices. At first glance you may think this required the consumption of three healthy meals per day. Well. . . in an ideal world. . . yes. In reality. . . not quite. Whilst it would be great to eat that healthily all the time, it’s just not going to happen. I like chips too much. But healthy choices. I can do that.

These all count:

No one in the world thinks that a Big Mac is healthy. Hopefully. But swapping a portion of fries for a side salad is definitely a healthy choice. A celebratory Dominos with all the trimmings is not healthy. But swapping out the cheese for the low fat options is a healthy choice.

Choice is the operative word here. Building up a habit for the long term requires a modicum of effort. Being able to keep a streak going through cheating ever so slightly has helped to keep those tasks checking off day after day.

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