Tony Edwards
Optimise for thumbs

Optimise for thumbs

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Smartphones are time suckers. If you don’t agree, then you’re one of the lucky folks who didn’t get sucked in too far.

Whilst I barely used my phone non-productively for great swathes of the covid downtime, usage has skyrocketed in recent months. I commute for anything up to 20hours a week, work in marketing and write at every opportunity.

To try to make phone usage productive, or at least educational, I’ve optimised the screen for the right thumb.

It’s easier to open an RSS reader than social media.

It’s easier to open a writing tool than a mindless consumption tool.

It’s easier to listen to an audio book than to listlessly doom scroll.

It’s easier to make a wise choice than to choose to waste time

Optimise smartphones for thumbs

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