Tony Edwards
Keystone Porridge

Keystone Porridge

- 2 mins

Making breakfast has become a part of my morning routine. . . obvs. Listening to a daily podcast whilst making coffee and breakfast is a blissful warmup for sitting outside to write a journal. If it’s raining, the greenhouse is a suitable substitute to the open air. Interestingly, the porridge adds practically no time to my morning.

It starts with the prep. Every (well. . . most) Sunday afternoons, the porridge pots are filled for the week ahead. Measuring everything out for just one meal takes a few minutes and a ton of faff. With only marginally more effort, the entire week can be prepped for in one go, and 9 containers don’t need to be opened to make breakfast each morning.

Bagged up porridge ingredients.

All of the ingredients come from the scoop shop in town. Wandering in and bagging breakfast booty has become a common occurrence and part of the our shopping routine. They sell a whole load of other dried goods, so we tend to buy less canned goods from supermarkets.

The scoop shop.

The greengrocers are across the road from the scoop shop. As a result, we’re eating more locally produced whole foods with far less packaging than other sources provide. Seeing a local farmer drop the food off that the town will be eating in the coming days is wonderful.

The walk to the shop itself has become a meditation. The Balance app has a neat way of packaging mindful practice in an easily digestible form. The walking meditations alone are worth picking the app up for and the personalisation of each session is well implemented.

Using independent shops has reintroduced the habit of using cash instead of card. The shopkeepers are grateful to not have the banks syphon their hard-earned earnings, encouraging more mindful spending in the process.

Thanks to the travel pot, breakfast and the notebook can come along on the commute. Munching and journaling whilst speeding through the countryside keeps the habit going, even if the routine changes slightly. It also means far less processed food is eaten when out and about.

Travel breakfast.

Finally, this habit has introduced at least one portion of seeds, nuts and fruit into my diet early on in each day. This can only be a good thing.

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