Tony Edwards

World Cup 2022

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I caught some of this year’s world cup. Much of it by accident as it happens, but I was there.

Somehow, in late November, we’d accidentally organised a pub meetup on the same night England played against Wales. England went on to win 3-0 🎉. Trust a bunch of geeks to not know about one of the biggest games for our national teams in years. Regardless, we were there cheering (figuratively speaking) alongside the country.

I also caught the last 20 minutes of normal time of the final. To be fair, the game was pretty exciting from the moment we tuned in. France battled back. Twice. Ultimately, it was nice that Argentina won via penalties and lifted the trophy.

Messi is one of the last players remaining from the generation of stars who came up whilst I had slightly more than a passing interest in football. One of only a handful of names I’d heard before who was playing that night. There was something satisfying to see him win a world cup. Even more so because it was quite likely his last attempt. Yet another thing to make me feel old.

Oh. Messi beat an egg as well.

This was also the first tournament I can remember where England supporters didn’t get drunk and cause a ruckus. Which, if the rhetoric is to be believed, wouldn’t have gone down well at all in that part of the world. Perhaps we should have more public spectacles without alcohol 🤷‍♀️

Whilst it was fun to be a part of a positive piece of world history, there’s one thing I’ll take away from the tournament over everything else.

Football is not my jam.

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