Tony Edwards

New Glasses

- 1 min

Earlier this month, I received my first couple pairs of glasses and officially became a part of bi-spectacled brigade. They’ve been worn almost continuously ever since and I love them.

I wasn’t particularly against the idea of getting some glasses. I also can’t say I was particularly keen either. As the only person on either side of the family who had perfect vision (historically speaking), I was proud to keep that accolade, but didn’t truly comprehend that my time with unaided vision was drawing to a close.

As part of a health check-up, the doctor suggested they might be needed. It hadn’t crossed my mind until that point. As soon as glasses were mentioned, I realised they were almost certainly right. Whilst I can see and do everything without them, the world is a much crisper place with them nestled upon my nose.

Whilst it’s nice to realise that my MacBooks retina screen isn’t degrading in sharpness over time, there is something to be said for going through life with the world in soft focus.

New glasses

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