Tony Edwards

Being fatigued sucks

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Over the last few months I’ve had two heart “events”. The doctor in A&E called them attacks, but telling someone I’ve had a heart attack leaves an impression that’s a tad removed from reality. But that’s what they were, only minor on the scale. The most recent being only a few weeks ago.

The day-to-day effect is that I’m perpetually fatigued, and have been since mid September. Everything takes it out of me at the moment. Anything beyond a lockdown-esque life is exhausting.

Hell. Even the medication I’ve been on since attack number one sucks. It’s caused my kidneys to show some signs of stress. Whilst this was expected and monitored, they’re still not running at 100%.

None of this would be an issue, and I probably would have bounced back by now, if I’d had a chance to rest. Two new adventures commenced shortly after the first attack. 20+ hours of travel week, early mornings and generally a lack of decent rest have prevented a speedy recovery.

Add in the fact that a gradual and unnoticed change in eyesight is leaving me with constant headaches / migraines, you can see why it’s been a rough few months (even if I can’t 🧐).

But. . .

Woohoo. First ever glasses in the next few weeks. . . hopefully. Assuming that poor eyesight is the reason for the headaches.

A switch in medication means my organs will continue tending towards the norm. Hopefully.

The pains in my chest are increasingly few and far between. Few.

Tis normal. Apparently.

I’m still fatigued as fuck tho.

Three outta four ain’t bad though. . . right?

Thankfully it’s the weekend.

“Illness has actually given many people a new lease on life; the experience of being near to death has been their preservation. You will die not because you are sick but because you are alive. That end still awaits you when you have been cured.” — Seneca

“Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.” - Epictetus

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