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The city Robbin

The city Robbin

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With a little bit of extra time to find a use for before the train, I took a wander around Plymouth City centre. Not something that’s out of the ordinary, but this time I was mindful of the birds.

Plymouth City Council are reshaping the centre in the coming years, with a plan which includes cutting down many of the established trees. Sure they’ll plant more, but not of the same type. The ones planned are smaller and provide less shade on hot days, places for birds to rest and nest as well as all of the eco stuff that comes with decent tree cover.

During heatwave of 2022, I did ponder what it’d be like on Armada Way under these trees. Probably nice was the conclusion. A darn sight cooler then I was at the time, walking around in full sun at the centre of the wether maps red splurge, in the middle of a HUGE patch of tarmac. All the while surrounded by what felt like every company on earth that puts something into the air. . . sometimes with an explosion at the end.

But that’s a different kind of bird. Tonights was a nicer kind.

This evening song was delivered by a pair of Robbins, singing above the bustling noise of the daily commute. Across the canopy, the duo traded piercing whistles as the sun set. I’d like to think they were wishing each other a good night. Chances are that they were telling each other to piss off. They’re a very territorial bird after all.

Plymouth at dusk

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