Tony Edwards

Tending an internet garden

- 1 min

Over the last few days, I’ve spent some time tweaking this blog. Nothing major, nothing drastic. The excellent indigo theme by Sérgio A. Kopplin has served me well, but it’s time to make it my own.

Partly because doing so has been on a mental check list somewhere for a while. Years even, in one or two cases. And we all know how these feel to unburden ourselves from long lived todos.

Partly because of some reflection on my place within the social internet. With a solid 20 years of an internet connected life to date, you can be sure that I’ve call a bunch of platforms home over the years.

Before the birth of the modern social media juggernaut, you could find me on bulletin boards, moderating forums, building Geo Cities, and even chatting on the odd WAP chat room. The long deleted bulletin board posts, “my space” which turned out to be someone else’s, the no longer needed scrobbles and constant listening for the MSN notification sound. At that point, every notification corresponded to a welcome message from someone I cared about. Today, notifications are to be avoided if at all possible. Rarely are they as welcome as the MSN ping had been.

It amounts to a lot of time. And as each platform fell into the internet abyss, so too has the content that I’d contributed. A lot of it in some cases. In other case I accidentally reset 5 years of scrobble data after one two many coffee’s. 🤷‍♀️

With the recent uptick in time dedicated to writing that I’ve been doing more recently, I’ve decided to tend my corner of the internet as a gardener might tend a flower bed. It feels less icky than helping to grow an engagement driven platform. . . but I’ll be doing some of that too. By no means am I “leaving” social media or anything so cliché, but I will be increasingly sharing content on my own site, as well as trying to make is a central place for all your Tony needs.

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