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12 Podcasts for Web Developers

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Podcasts are the hot thing in broadcasting at the moment, saving millions of people’s sanity during the daily commute. In recent months I’ve become a bit of a podcast hoover, listening to episode after episode during my commute and work time. Here’s 12 of my favourite shows covering the technical, the businessy and the geeky.

12 podcasts for web developers

Technical Podcasts

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber is a JS podcast from the Dev-Chat stable. The shows hosts come from different backgrounds and are at different points in their careers. This gives the show a unique feel compared to others as the questions posed come from the perspectives of newbies and masters.

Shop Talk Show

A sound effect podcast about the web with Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. If you’re a front-ender, this is the show for you.

Creative Coding

Iain Lobb and Seb Lee-Delisle discuss the ins and outs of programming in a creative context.

The Web Platform

The web platform podcast is a weekly show that dives deep into all things web from the developers building the platform today. It features great guests from the forefront of the web and, unlike some other podcasts on this list, covers a wide range of subjects under the web banner.


Get an insight into the world of hacking and web security. Although I knew about the perils of weak passwords and open wifi, I understand more fully the dangers. Super strong passwords and encrypted wifi only thanks to hacked.


Businessy Podcasts


A podcast about the business of design and the design of business, hosted by Jason Blumer and  Dan Mall. Contains lots of down to earth business ideas and advice.


Entreprogrammers is a weekly mastermind call between a group of entrepreneurs from the world of software development and copywriting. The show gives lots of insight into the hard work and dedication needed to get a SAAS or information product off the ground.


Entertainment Podcasts

Start Up

This is a podcast about…well…a start up. Season one was all about setting up a podcast company (very meta). With the company created and funded by season two, they look at what it takes to make a dating app successful. A very interesting insight into the world of venture capital and the pressures that are placed on tech company founders.

Mystery Show

Each episode, Starlee Kine attempts to solve a seemingly benign mystery. Favourite episode is called Belt Buckle.

Surprisingly Awesome

The folks at surprisingly awesome take a seemingly boring subject and attempt to convince each other (and us) of its hidden awesomeness. Who knew concrete and Chumbawamba were so interesting…

Infinite Monkey Cage

Hosted by Robin Ince and Brian Cox, Infinite Monkey Cage is an irreverent look at the world through scientists’ eyes. Each episode is an extended version of the popular Radio 4 show where the duo host a panel discussion revolving around a subject in popular science.

TED Radio Hour

The TED radio hour is a collection of TED talks and interviews threaded together to make a one hour show. Each episode revolves around a theme and offers a great way to delve into interesting Ted Talks without the need to hunt for them on YouTube.


What do you think of the Podcasts on this list. Did I miss your favourite? Get in touch on Twitter and let me know.

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