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11 more podcasts for web developers

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Following on from my previous post of podcasts, here’s 11 more shows for web developers.

11 podcasts for web developers

Technical Podcasts

Big Web Show

The Big Web Show, hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, is an award-winning podcast from the 5 by 5 network. It features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more. With Zeldman being influential in the webs initial (and ongoing) standards push, you can expect to find strong opinions galore.

The Changelog

The Changelog Podcast, another from the 5 by 5 stable, is all about the goings on in the world of open source. Covering exciting new projects and important developments, this is the show for you if you use open source software day-to-day.

Adventures in Angular

This is a weekly show that deep dives into the world of the Angular Framework. With plenty of discussions and interviews with some of the leading lights from the world of front-end JavaScript, there’s sure to be something for everyone working with Google’s framework.

Ruby on Rails Podcast

A weekly conversation about Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, open source software, and the programming profession.

The Web Ahead


The Web Ahead is a deep dive into the world of web. Jen Simmons and guests give a great overview of individual web technologies and ideas, discussing their real world implications. The show is very user focused, as web development should be.

Businessy Podcasts

Freelancer Show

A Weekly discussion by freelancers and professionals about running a business, finding clients, marketing, and lifestyle.

The Art of Value


If you are into value pricing your software development, this is the show for you. Kirk Bowman chats with guests who have successfully switched to a value priced structure, sharing lessons learned along the way.

Entertainment Podcasts

Reply All


Reply All is a leaf that blows gently in the wind on a warm summer’s day. Check it out.

Tim Ferriss Show

If you’ve not heard of Tim Ferriss, where have you been? The Author of the ‘Four Hour Work Week‘ interviews some of the planet’s best and brightest, in search of commonalities between them. Whilst the host sometimes comes off as a bit of an ass, the content is….. generally…… extremely interesting.


Sampler is another Gimlet show which dives into the often wacky world of podcasting. They scour the four corners of the internet in search of those unknown shows, giving you the cream of the crop.

Hidden Brain

A short show about the hidden aspect of human interaction and the social sciences in general.

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