Tony Edwards

Podcast dump

- 2 mins

In the 7 years since the last couple of podcast posts, my listening tastes have vastly changed. At the time, most of the day was spent in front of a computer learning to become a software engineer with podcasts acting as a passive input that could be tuned into and out of.

Whilst podcasts are still a significant part of my daily listening habits, Audiobooks account for far more of the listening schedule. When podcasts are listened too, I tend to work through a handful of series at a time, a couple episodes a session as opposed to living at the whim of a feed (allthough there is a tightly controlled feed that is dipped into).

Below are two categories of podcasts that are being enjoyed regularly, some as a daily driver and some that are bingeworthy. . . plus a few special mentions.

Daily drivers

The Space A twice daily meditation and mindfulness podcast, that are the perfect bookend to the day.

The Slowdown A short dose of poetry every weekday, perfect for a pre-bedtime wind-down routine.

Stoic Meditations A short daily hit of stoic wisdom.

Coffee Break German Useful for a quick German top-up whilst doing the housework.


History of English A DEEP dive into the evolution of the English language. . . which is far more interesting than it sounds.

In Our Time Regular panel discussions about a very wide range of topics.

The History of Rome From start to (effectivley) the end, here’s the complete history of the Roman Empire.

The History of Philosophy (without any gaps) Philosophy from its humble origins through to todays philosophical minds.

Revolutions A walk through of the various major revolutions throughout history.

Worthy mentions

Revisionist history Malcom Gladwell looks back at some moments in history and tells the tale from a different perspective.

Fall of Civilisations Hands down, the best podcast on this list if you like history. I’d recommend watching the video versions of each show over on YouTube.

Hidden Brain A regular show that dives into well researched psychology in a calm and well scripted show.

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