Tony Edwards

Updating the Low Friction Flow

- 1 min

10 days into my blogging habit, I’ve made another addition to the low friction writing flow. This one helps once the publish button has been hit.

Making tweaks to text, whether for spelling corrections or improvements for legibility, was a pain. I’d need to:

Which is fine. . . if I spent all day in front of a computer. I don’t.

Enter GitJournal.

GitJournal Landing page

It’s a note taking app that saves data using Git version control. As such, it can be synced with a repository of your choosing for the creation and editing of markdown based content. With this app, I can now make the tiny tweaks needed in just a few seconds. Happily, it’s created by an independent developer and has a one time purchase model if you can make use of the pro features.

Primarily, I want to use GitJournal to allow the addition of notes to the site. Easy editing is an additional bonus. Notes are going to be short form posts, the kind you’d find on Twitter or Mastodon.

For now, this system doesn’t need any additional platforms to work, which would inevitably absorb my focus. The original plan had been to use Tumblr or posting, then to pull data in at build time.

Now there’s no need for the additional complexity and distraction that comes with using Tumblr 👌

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