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I love hip-hop. If you know me, that’s probably not a surprise. As an art form, hip-hop has the power to make you think differently about a variety of subjects. . . assuming you don’t limit yourself to the offering found in the charts.

A trio of albums that I’ve particularly enjoyed with each incremental release comes from Wrekonize. Whilst he’s back on his independent grind today, the three albums were released when was a part of the Strange Music family.

The albums combine to form one sequential story. Wrek is looking at the modern world through the lens of therapy sessions with Dr Chosis. . . but you can call him Psy. Journeying through the tracks, Wrekonize looks at some of the things that are causing problems in the modern world for the modern man who doesn’t quite fit in.

These are great albums that should appeal to people far beyond hip-hop heads. The instrumentals are luscious and varied. The lyrics are catchy, deep, and full of amazing wordplay. They’re albums that you will walk away with something new on the 50th listen.

10/10 - Would recommend

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