Tony Edwards

The Chain

- 1 min

The pair of Seagulls stand watch over the house every morning.

They make a gully gully announcement when the kitchen blinds open.

That notifies the Jackdaws and Crows. They’ll arrive soon. Best put the birds breakfast out.

Their wooden buffet table is normally empty at this time of the morning. The meandering walk around the garden helps me wake up, and gets fresh air into the lungs. It’s a pleasure on anything but the rainiest of days.

Moments after breakfast is put out they arrive.

Teaming up with the gulls, the black feathered birds munch and keep watch. Their collective plumages offer a stark contrast, creating a chess-board of feathers that’s fun to watch from the table.

At the first sniff of danger, they’re off.

That makes space for the Pigeons and Doves. It’s their turn to eat, and they always take their time over breakfast.

Then come the little birds. A random selection of Robbins, Sparrows, Dunnocks, Chaffinchs might be visiting at any given time. These little tykes come and go for the rest of the morning.

By then, my break in the garden is interrupted for general adulting and work.

Later in the morning, the cat trundles through the garden, all the way around to the back door.

He’s homeless but not feral. He’s hungry but not starving. He’s hoping for breakfast. In he comes for a bite.

Dexter appears at the kitchen door. Staring through the glass at our frequent guest, he makes sure the intruder doesn’t get too many strokes from the hooman. Dexter gets pissed off if he does.

What Dexter doesn’t know, is that we hide behind the fridge.


As swiftly as he came, the cat is gone.

With the door closed thanks to a mighty shove, Dexter can come into the room. A few treats and strokes are his. The purrs are all for me.

He’s happy.

Now it’s my turn to eat, drink, and get back to work

That’s the morning wildlife chain.

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