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The underdog comes good

The underdog comes good

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A recent episode of Beyond the Grid saw Guenther Steiner reflect on the past couple of years. As head of Haas F1, it’s been a few tough ones recently as part of an even tougher and longer stretch.

In the episode, Guenther speculated that Haas has a special place in a lot of fans hearts because people love an underdog. I’d agree with him. Whilst the are a few others coming (back) up the constructor pecking, Haas is a smidge different. They’re the only team remaining from an era of the sport that birthed a few new entrants. None did particularly well, let’s be honest, but Haas has stuck around. Admittedly, they were the last to join and benefited from years of lessons learned across the paddock. Peeking over the walls at Ferrari probably helped too, so they’re not quite the same as a Caterham F1.

It was a special moment for both the sport and the fans when Kevin Magnussen qualified on pole for Brazil’s sprint race. To make it even more special, Gene Haas got to see his F1 team start at the head of the grid on his birthday.

Whilst Schumacher is moving on from the team, it’s been nice to see a new generation of the family take part in the sport. Even if only to hear the name leave the commentators lips once again for a short few years.

With roughly 100 days until the 2023 season (which is set to be the longest ever), time will tell whether Hass will be able to put up a sustained battle amongst the mid field teams.

Myself and fellow underdog lovers don’t have long to wait.

Photo by Lukas Raich.

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