Tony Edwards
Speaking at Frontend Developer Love

Speaking at Frontend Developer Love

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Last week, I was lucky enough to take to the Theatre Amsterdam stage as part of the Frontend Developer Love speaker lineup. The event, which brought together a spectacular lineup of speakers to talk in front of over a thousand people a day, on three consecutive days.

Being completely honest, this was a daunting talk to give in front of an audience four times larger than my previous biggest. It went really well and the talk went smoothly, with everyone in the audience joining in for the crescendo.

The canals of Amsterdam

This was my first visit to Amsterdam. It’s a stunning city. The one regret of this trip is that there wasn’t enough time to explore everything. Sure, we wandered around the canals. Scoffed more pancakes than is probably sensible. Even took in a few museums along the way. But in a city with so much to see and so do, a day either side of an event just isn’t enough. Next years conference will be nestled at the centre a much longer trip.

Interested in catching up with the talk? Check it out on YouTube.

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