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MIDI Birds Talk - References

MIDI Birds Talk - References

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MIDI birds is a fast paced multimedia talk aimed at developer communities, but suitable for anyone who uses computers for work. It’s been great fun unleashing it on unsuspecting audiences.

During the talk, I walk the audience through the curation of a dataset comprising of 400 birdsong recordings and the creation of a handful of interactive browser based games. This is delivered through the lens of my 500 days of lockdown during the 2020 - 2022 Covid-19 pandemic.

This post fills the references gap in the live talk due to the pace of the session. It should provide a jumping off point for exploring the topics contained within it.

Personal Photos & Videos - Many of the shots used during the talk have appeared on Instagram previously. Follow me for more of the same.

Photos of Dexter

MIDI Birds - Demo codebase hosted on GitHub.

AKAI Professional MPK Mini 25 - Updated version of the controller used during the talk.

BirdNET - Platform used to capture bird song recordings and identify the species.

Put down devices, let your mind wander, study suggests.

Morning Bird Song - First extended sample used. By Paul Dinning.

Elizabeth Goodstein - Experience Without Qualities

The Princess Who Never Smiled by Viktor Vasnetsov

Marus Aureleus - “Nowhere can one retreat into greater peace or freedom from care than within one’s own soul”.

Daily Stoic - Ryan Holiday.

The MIDI Association - The History of MIDI.

Sexy Back - MIDI Cover.

Can I Use - Web MIDI - Browser compatibility information for Web MIDI.

RUSH E - Tesla Coil music performance.

Bird Song Extravenganza - Second extended sample used. By Paul Dinning.

At Least It Was Here by The 88 (Community Theme Song).

Image courtesy of Tech Exeter.

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