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I walked out of my own talk

I walked out of my own talk

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I walked out of my own talk.

It felt good.

At the last minute, I was drafted into last week’s Agile on the Beach lineup to fill a schedule gap caused by travel woes. Not content with 45 minutes of bird-based fun, I also offered a lightning talk for the crowd as part of Gwen’s closing session on day one.

By this point, my brain had been filled with #Agile tips and tidbits and was beginning to melt in the baking July sun. With nothing of substance to offer the group, I opted instead to spark some new connections and conversations amongst those in attendance.

“Lock eyes with someone on the other side of the room…”

This is one of my session openers, which is often resorted to when the group needs shaking up. The nervous giggle it generates within an audience is always a joy to hear.

With the conversation sparked, and after jumping down from the stage, the mic was handed back to Gwen and I went on my merry way to get ready for the beach party, leaving the room rippling with a conversational hubbub.

The 2022 Agile on the Beach conference was a good vintage and really felt like the world was getting back to normal. Sure, a few bits of the event need a little spit-shine in time for next year (fully understandable given “the world”), but the class of ‘22 certainly had a great time catching up with friends and acquaintances from years gone by.

There’s just enough time to sharpen up my sea shanty skills before the 2023 event takes over Gylly beach again. . . which may be a good reason to skip the next outing 😭

Sea Shanty Band at Gylly Beach, Cornwall

Originally featured on LinkedIn.

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