Tony Edwards

Setting goals

- 1 min

The focus for the module I’m currently teaching is goals, plans and tasks, which is perfect. I’m a goal-oriented person who likes a changing plan.

The students are charged with setting a goal for post-uni times. Do they:

The next step is to build a plan using the Agile tools they’ve learned in recent years to break down their individual goal into manageable chunks. Are there:

Finally, take the granular steps and put them into action. Each week they provide an update to gain feedback from myself and other students.

To avoid falling into the trap of teaching what you don’t practice, I’ve followed along with the sessions and put in the time to develop an idea into a plan.

It’s been nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the mini-project goes. It’s certainly helping with in-class prep and giving me an excuse to expand my skill set.

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