Tony Edwards

The battle for the spot

- 1 min

It’s been a long few months where work has typically required travel. . . apart from the odd day from home to prevent spreading nasties through the student population.

This week has provided a welcome step change.

There have been rail strikes this week. Given that public transport is my main method of travel, it’s required that I either work from home or spend a not so insignificant amount of time traveling an insignificant distance. Instead of battling the crowds for a seat, I’ve had to fight #DexPZ for the “boss spot” on the sofa.

Dexter steals my spot.

A battle I’ll never win.

The union gods are smiling down on me. The only two days I really needed to be somewhere for work are the only two days the strikes aren’t on. Winner.

But I did have to miss a team building day. Looser.

Good luck getting what you’re after folks.

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