Tony Edwards
A tidy office

A tidy office

- 1 min

There’s nothing quite like it. Is there?

You’ve got a big project coming up. There are long hours in the home office ahead. The remnants of past activities lie scattered across every surface, cluttering up the space.

So you put on a podcast, book or video related to the project. Noting to focus on. Something passive to absorb instead.

The first office tidy of 2023 is underway.

The boxes get packed. The piles of books get stowed. The desk get’s wiped down. And finally, the rubbish and recycling are removed, allowing the sharp end of a hoover nozzle to reach into every corner.

It’s tidy. But there’s one out of place mess that’s left.

The four neat stacks of books for the month ahead. Their collective knowledge awaiting absorption between spurts of highly productive work in this freshly tidied space.

Their teachings form the foundations for the month beyond.

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