Tony Edwards
The right tire

The right tire

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Upheld wisdom within the world of Formula 1 suggests that a car is best off being on the right tire for the conditions, rather than trying to out drive the wrong tire.

Races can be fast changing affairs. Throw in a wet summers day at Silverstone or a sustained downpour in Belgium, and the running order can quickly turn on its head. A cheeky podium for Williams, a near win for Lando or a first win for a future champion can come to fruition.

By the same measure, being on the right tire in life (figuratively speaking) is a sensible strategy. Tires are the part that connects a race car to the road. A sure and steady connection to the world through life’s actions helps to keep one grounded.

If you find yourself on the wrong tire in life, it might be time to make a pit stop.

Photo by Maxime Agnelli.

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