Tony Edwards
Tech Connect Late

Tech Connect Late

- 2 mins

Last night was the first of a new event for Tech Cornwall. It was nice to be there and hear from the trio of speakers and chat with some old and new acquaintances from the local tech industry.

Olaf discusses floating wind turbines

First up was Olaf, with an interesting talk about floating offshore wind turbines. There is some impressive tech anchored in the seas north of the Cornish Peninsula, surveying for suitable sites for development into wind farms. The talk of bringing together the feeds from multiple sites offshore, with one single cable landing shore, is excellent for ecology but terrible for redundancy. I’m sure they’ve considered that! Overall, it was great to know that Cornwall is perfectly positioned to be a part of the supply chain to support the global wind farm industry. Teaming up with another Celtic nation is a nice touch.

Katie highlights the detail on recent make

Next, Katie took the room through a collection of projects created for the Element 14 youtube channel, invariably involving a raspberry pi or similar microcomputer/controller. The torch seemed like a pretty helpful creation, with a handful of potential utilisations. It’s always nice to get inspiration for a new project, and Katie certainly did that. If nothing else, it was nice to have a look at some kit without having to purchase it :)

Tom talks modular synths with the room

Last up was Tom with a talk about his modular synth addiction hobby. The charming beeps and whimsical boops emanating from Tom’s magic box combined to form a weird kind of loveliness. The generated music was excellent, and the talk was super enjoyable. However, I can’t say it’s convinced me to dabble with modular synths for fear it may become a fully-fledged hobby.

Overall it was a fun night. It is still amazing how many people I’ve yet to bump into since before times. Even better is the host of new attendees attending events recently, many coming out of the local colleges and universities. Having new people to meet and talk to is always great.

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