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Hoovering a Spaceport

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Hoovering a Spaceport. One for the CV?

Just one of the many joys experienced as part of the recent Big Tech Showcase, hosted by Tech Cornwall at Spaceport Cornwall this week. As the headline event of the Cornwall Festival Of Tech, it was the perfect peak of the mountain of events.

The room was filled with vibrant conversation for the entire day. Faces from around the South West were present on the peninsula, sharing their dreams for the years ahead. Catching up with mentors from years past, chatting with todays peers from the industry, and welcoming the next generation into the world of networking showed the depth of attendees present.

It also felt like things have fully returned to normal. Finally. Any hesitancy about being in a room with hundreds of other people has seemingly evaporated from the community. “The times” is officially a distant memory, with everyone firmly focused on the future ahead. In fact, I only heard our collective time shift mentioned just the once.

With so many people to catch up with over the day, and exhibitors to meet, I didn’t get to see a single talk. Sad times. Thankfully, the excellent Bull & Wolf team were on hand to capture the day. Fingers crossed the Tech Cornwall YouTube channel will be filled with the tech talks in the weeks ahead. Happy times.

The day ended with a tinge of sadness, but topped with excitement.

After a decade of the orgs existence, it’s time for a refresh. The words “Tech Cornwall” will always have a special place in my heart. . . it’s the reason I decided to stay in the South West after all! With an evolving industry landscape, it needs to fledge its technical nest, spread its wings, and soar to the heights it’s been destined for. The same awesome team, but new and bigger goals.

Exciting times ahead!

Actually. . . thinking about it. . . the day ended with a spot of hoovering. Henry had to play his part, just like the rest of the community.

Hoovering a spaceport

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