Tony Edwards

Jellyfin - Self-hosted media server

- 1 min

Jellyfin is a self-hosted media server well suited to life on a Raspberry Pi. It’s open-source, lightweight, and useful enough to get out of your way.

On our setup, Jellyfin is currently serving up a handful of libraries:

Naturally, my music collection is the most used library, given I’m the household FOSS Guinea Pig. The homeless music collection is my partner’s albums which have been absorbed through osmosis over 20 years. All of the videos have yet to be re-encoded, primarily because there’s not much in there, but they are there and watchable.

If you’ve preheated your pi, this quick start guide is your new best friend. Beyond that, manoeuvring your files into an appropriate location will see you up and streaming in no time.

For music, Symfonium is an unparalleled Android app on so many levels. IMO, it’s better than anything seen over the years from the big streaming platforms. A one-time payment of £5 is a fair exchange for the effort this must have taken.

Happy streaming folks.

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