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Writing 9 to 5

Writing 9 to 5

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I’ll take any excuse to slip some Dolly Parton lyrics into something.

This morning presented the perfect opportunity.

As part of Emily’s awesome “Learn. Read. Write” training, we were asked to spend 5 minutes writing about our morning up until that point, followed by 10 minutes of reviewing and rewriting.

Coincidentally, it’s National Writing Day, which made the exercise extremely well-timed.

I came up with the following. Can you spot the Dolly references?

The alarm chimes. Three times. But it didn’t awake me from a deep slumber. Again.

An hour later, and with a full snooze quota, the smell of coffee wafts up the stairs. My partner walks in with a cuppa, the last stop on her way out of the door. “Your standup is in 5 minutes. I love you. See you tonight”.

“Love you too my fluffy little moon beam”.

Hurriedly, my legs swing out from under the covers, planting both size thirteens onto the fluffy rug. After tumbling out of bed and bumbling to the kitchen, I grab my gear and head outside for a top-up of sunshine, phytoncides, and the first call of the day. Naturally, my cup of ambition is close to hand.

“Morning folks. Here’s what I’ve been up to”.

30 minutes later, and back indoors, Dexter the chonky cat is swirling around my legs, begging for his morning walk. Grabbing the lead from the back of the door, I strap him in. He’s as excited as he is every day.

“You’ll have to be good today and stay in the back garden. I’m about to join a training session. There are 2:1 odds that we’ll be writing against the clock”.

Low and behold, we did.

Originally featured on LinkedIn.

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