Tony Edwards

I wonder what the reduction is?

- 1 min

The past few months have seen a reduction in my day to day dependency on Google (he says whilst typing on a Chromebook tethered to a Pixel phone). It’s not really been deliberate. Instead, it’s happened naturally and ad-hoc, with the exception of actively moving away from YouTube Music. Whilst none of these have been totally dropped, the switches so far include:

Chrome -> Firefox

Podcasts -> Audiobookshelf

Music -> Jellyfin / Symfonium

Nest Speakers -> Bluetooth Speakers (a lot of the time)

Google Search -> ChatGPT (for some things)

Google Maps -> Organic Maps

Web Stats -> No Web Stats

Online Ads / trackers -> Ad Blocker / PiHole

GCP -> Projects shut down

Google Docs -> Simplenote

Pixel Buds -> Bluetooth Headphones with ANC

Whilst the scale of personal data Google are harvesting is sure to still be astronomical, I do wonder what the above does to reduce the amount in quantifiable terms. Is it even a double digit percentage change?

Going one step further, what is the impact of individual changes on the amount ( or even shape ) of data?

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