Tony Edwards

Hit unsubscribe

- 1 min

Email is a thing to process. A key tool of modern communication that acts as a todo list that anyone can drop a task into at any time. Some are welcome, but many act as distractions from our most important work. It’s a todo list that we voluntarily invite newsletters, sales pitches and product updates into, almost acting as the noise to the more meaningful messages signal.

Here’s a rhyme to convince you to develop a dearth in your inbox.

I urge you to reclaim your attention. To unsubscribe from everything. Siting watching messages pass, fleeting thoughts become their offspring. If it doesn’t make you smile. If it ever gets you riled, hit unsubscribe. If it doesn’t add value or doubles down to sell you, hit unsubscribe.

It’s terrible. Both the rhyme and the amount of focus we loose to our inboxes are modern day travesties. It’s not about how many messages are in our inbox, but how much of our head exists within it.

Treat it as a task. Schedule it in. Always do the important work first.

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