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For the past few weeks, I focused on the content for a side project called The Stoic Generation. As a consequence, posts here have been sporadic in recent weeks.

This was a thread I started to pull a couple months back to support the development of the module I teach. As ‘the expert’ in the room, it’s essential to look at the work from a learner’s perspective to uncover any assumed knowledge I have about the topics I’m teaching. This project has allowed me to refresh my knowledge a few weeks ahead of the in-class activities, whilst going through the same process as the students.

The site is built around interpretations of Stoic texts. Not my interpretation, mind. The original authors. It’s been a great way to root around in the depths of the GPT4 model, understanding what it’s capable of and to get a sense of its limitations with this style of prompting.

Overall, I’m happy with the output. The concept has refined slightly since the start, and will get an overhaul to be more engaging should the site develop into a second version. I’m even happier about what comes after each article has been created… but that aspect has yet to be released.

Want to have a look? Here’s the link: The Stoic Generation

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