Tony Edwards
Talking at Halfstack Vienna

Talking at Halfstack Vienna

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Following on from last years talk at HalfStack London talk, I was invited to be a part of the Vienna lineup for the first conference by the team in the city.

Given that the Beats, Rhymes and Unit Tests talk was originally written for the London event, it was brilliant to bring it to life for a hew audience with the same kinda vibe. Thankfully, Id learned that elements of the talk don’t translate for international audience during previous iterations, so was able to make a bunch of changes to make it work a little better on the continent.

Before this trip, I knew very little about Austria. It turns out that it’s a stunning city filled with tons of European heritage. The sheer scale of the buildings is quite literally awesome and throws your mind back to the days of empire when the world was a very different place. One of the highlights was the butterfly house and the surrounding grounds. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods, I highly recommend a visit. It’s right in the centre of the city and the perfect relaxing stop off on a busy day shopping.

Vienna Butterfly House

Catch the talk via the 2019 HalfStack Vienna website

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