Tony Edwards

Forgive me for my synapses

- 2 mins

Forgive Me for My Synapses is a song by the hip-hop duo Eyedea & Abilities. The lyrics of the song, written by Eyedea, reflect on the nature of human consciousness, memory, and the relationship between the mind and the brain. The song suggests that we are the product of our individual brain’s electrical impulses. Just simple biology and our minds are not fully within our control, meaning our actions and thoughts are not entirely our own, but rather a product of the electrical impulses in our brain and the patterns of behaviour that embedded them.

It features a complex rhyme scheme, with multiple internal rhymes and multisyllabic rhymes. The lyrics are also very dense and packed with wordplay, which adds to the overall complexity of the song’s structure. The rhyme scheme in this song is a good example of Eyedea’s wordplay and poetry skills, which is a big part of his style. The intricate rhyme patterns and dense, evocative language of the song contribute to its powerful and thought-provoking message about the nature of human consciousness and the brain.


I am all that I think
I’m the way that my neurons are wired

They fire ions through electrical
Synapses fusing themselves to receiving cells
Building a network that only gets stronger
As I continue the thought pattern
Implied by the process
I make a decision on what to react to
What I perceive based on electrical current

And I am all that I feel
I’m a neurotransmitters’ desire

These chemical messengers look for a nerve
With the perfect receptor to fit in
They get in and give it specific instructions
On what to release until this chain
Of events reaches down to the glands which
Then produce every hormone known to
Spread to the tissue of organs
And make them dance

All I can do is breathe
That’s how I put out the fire

And all I can do is think
Force my circuitry to rewire

Everything outside is already inside
There’s nothing we see that we don’t
At least partially make on our own
In our heads so it seems like my duty
To get in my bio-computer and
Pry apart neurons with long-term relationships
That tell my brain to release feel bad chemicals

One day I’ll be free from the brain
That makes me, me
Now that I know that I’m in control
I can cut my own puppet strings

You are all that you think
You’re the way that your neurons are linked

I bet if you don’t let it get a little better
It will get a lot worse
All you gotta do is open up and. . .

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