Tony Edwards

Flexbox – The future is now

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Unless you have been living under a rock you’ve undoubtedly heard of Flexbox, the hot newness in web page layout. Flexbox promises to remove the need for float hacks, clearing and the use of tables for layouts (we’ve all done it). Some have gone as far as to say “Flexbox is awesome and beyond your wildest, most perverted CSS layout dreams.”

Fundamentally, Flexbox is just another method of laying out web pages. Your sites will not be autoawesomed through the use of it but will be future ready. The specification has been stable for years, reaching final draft status after three revisions, but seems to have settled to the point whereby we can actually use it. In fact, with the help of some prefixing, Flexbox is available in 93% of browsers.

You’re now probably looking around the web seeing MILF (Markup I’d Layout in Flexbox) everywhere. You want to rewrite every HTML page you’ve ever structured but not sure where to start with this new way of laying out markup. Where do you start?

I recently came across a email course by @landonschroop that I can highly recommend. Over a few weeks you build up a strong understanding of Flexbox through simple to follow tutorials, before moving onto cross browser compatibility and prefixing. The course is great when combined with a service like CodePen, allowing you to write code and view results instantly. To get you started I’ve created a pen that you can use during the first part of the course.

Sign up for the course at

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