Tony Edwards

Playing with Chat GPT

- 2 mins

Over the last few days, I’ve been playing around with Chat GPT in a new context and am impressed once again.

In recent weeks, the team at work have been narrowing in on the SPIN sales process, which provided the perfect topic to generate some text. In order to dive deeper into the manipulation of output, I decided to try to write a book. You can read it here, although it’s unlikely to be a project I spend another moment thinking about.

Overall I’m fairly impressed. Whilst the output is generally generic, there is enough good content in there to have provided a good start if a book was actually my end goal. It’d need some serious editing and input from an expert, but it sounds right. . . which I guess is what the platform is aiming for.

For work, it’ll be important to teach the platform about the project the team are building before generating blog outlines and the filler content within. The better the context at the outset, the more relevant the result. We have some specific need with our content and giving its an AI model, providing training data seems fairly sensible.

Whilst researching more advanced usage of chat GPT, I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole. Sure. I learned what was needed within just a few videos, but happened to peer over the wall into the vacuous nature of SEO content and how low a value some people place on high quality words. Content means something different to these people that it does for me, and it feels like they were too excited about robots creating words for robots to read. I guess it’s, in part, because they don’t have to write words for robots anymore.

Am I worried about loosing my job to this AI.


It can’t do what I do.

It doesn’t know what to write without being prompted. It didn’t seem capable of making jumps between loosely related topics, It certainly doesn’t understand why it’s creating a specific piece of content and how it fits into the boarder context of the sales and marketing plan. It doesn’t know why a piece of writing is being created nor does it understand the value a piece of content can hold.

Can it be used to help my job.

Yes. Definitely.

Anyone know of a degree in AI prompting?

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