Tony Edwards

Caniuse: Integrate Google Analytics stats

- 1 min is an invaluable resource for checking out browser compatibility for many CSS and JavaScript API’s. I recently sat down to decide the front end stack, and more specifically the basis of the layout system, for a long-lived project. I flashed back to Jen SimmonsEnhance Conf talk, ‘Progressing our Layouts‘ where Jen demonstrated how to integrate Google Analytics and Can I Use. She reminded us that it doesn’t matter if the whole planet can use a feature, only if your users can.

Caniuse and Google Analytics

Open up Caniuse and click on settings from the search bar.

Caniuse settings

This opens the settings fly out. From there, find and click the button under the heading ‘From Google Analytics’.

Can I use settings flyout

Once the authentication completes you’ll be returned to the original page. This time you’re seeing the device compatibility of  your actual users.

How do you handle feature detection in your app or front end? Let me know on Twitter.

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